web development

I build & maintain websites, which sounded easy when I began learning! I setup & maintain web servers (Linux System Administration), and I build “full-stack” web applications, which is a fancy way of saying “Cool Internet Software with Databases and Web Servers”. Occasionally I also help with Logos and other Graphic Design related projects in addition to websites.

Social media strategy

Every website & business nowadays needs a social media account, or three or four! You might come to a point when you get stuck, aren’t sure which platform to pursue, or you just don’t have time for all of this on top of running your own business! I can help with all of these.

content creation

As soon as you start your social media & website journeys, you quickly discover that you are in dire need of CONTENT! You may just need a logo, or perhaps you need ideas on what to create for your site & social media campaigns. Let’s chat and get started building your online presence by making outstanding content!


Others have asked…

Initial consultation is free! Beyond that, it really depends on your project’s goals & budget.

I do! The rate depends upon your goals and trainings are usually held via video conference, so we can both be at our computers while I guide you.